Allergy Therapy

Nourish offers Allergy Testing in Inverness, Scotland

What is Bio-Energetic Testing?

Food intolerance and sensitivities can be responsible for a range of illnesses, internally and externally; they can trigger or exacerbate existing health conditions, as supported by considerable research and studies over the past decades.

Allergy Therapy helps identify the substances that create illness, pain or infection in the body.  Electro-resonance, or Bio-energetic testing, is a naturopathic medicine; a highly sophisticated form of “Electro-dermal acupuncture”, which was developed in the 1950’s, and is widely used throughout Europe.  It is completely painless, non-invasive, holistic and complementary to both orthodox and alternative medicine.

Children and babies can also be tested (up to 18 months old, ‘surrogate’ tested with their parent); this is similar to the technique used for homeopathic assessment of sensitivities.

You will be given a record of your results and guidance on how to detoxify your system, if this is required; including alternative foods to replace any which may be causing or exacerbating any health problems.

Referrals for beneficial homeopathic remedies or other holistic therapies, to aid healing or recovery, can be given if you wish.


Bel Esson - Allergy Therapist

About Bel Esson:

Bel qualified and worked as a Nurse in 1982, but  in 1994 she found herself drawn to complementary therapies, initially Reiki.  Bel trained as a Reiki Master in Tibetan Usui reiki & Seichem Usui reiki.  She was attuned at first degree in 1998, second degree in 1999 & master/teacher in 2000.

Bel combined nursing & reiki therapies until 2013; then focused on reiki practice, teaching, animal healing & studying holistic & business courses.

She completed an Allergies: Testing & Treatment Diploma in 2014 and had an additional training at Noma Homeopathy in the use of Bio-energetic testing with the Vegatest Expert & Basis devices (Basis is the one Bel uses today).



80 Foods Test £70

80 Foods + 1 other test £90

80 Foods + 2 other tests £115

Combination tests (a selection from 2 kits) £60

Children's tests £60

Vitamins & Minerals or Airborne Allergens as standalone tests £50


80 Foods Test: 

You will be ‘Bio-energetically’ tested for over 80 common foods and drinks which are known to cause sensitivity and intolerance issues or allergy type symptoms in some individuals.

You will receive a record of any problem foods and advice on how to manage a rotation and/or an elimination diet; to assist your recovery from the symptoms that may be caused by the intolerance or sensitivity.

Vitamins & Minerals Test: 

Additional testing can be carried out to check your vitamin and mineral levels,to establish if you have any deficiencies that require either supplements, or an increase in foods in your diet that are rich in the deficient substances.

You will be advised which foods would increase the levels of these vitamins and minerals in your body and some of the possible signs and symptoms of deficiency.

Airborne Allergens Test:

If you have a known or suspected sensitivity to a particular substance that you wish to have checked, this can be tested if you bring a sample to your appointment.  This may be a particular food, a pet’s fur or hair, a cosmetic, a cleaning product, toiletry or plant.


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