What is Constellations Therapy?

Constellations is a form of systemic therapy that heals ancestral trauma. We’re all born into families that have suffered - even if it hasn’t been acknowledged. As a result, and often unconsciously, we can repeat trans-generational patterns of behaviour that negatively impact our daily lives, relationships and careers.

Honouring ancestral pain allows a systemic re-balancing that that frees us and our families to live well. Constellations practice is a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space in which to experience a profound and transformative process that brings with it a deep sense of peace and belonging.

Andy's welcoming and confidential one-to-one practice in Inverness is a safe and non-judgemental space for you to experience your own transformative process.

About Andy Stewart MacKay:

Andy Stewart MacKay - Constellations Practitioner

After studying at St Andrews, London and Leiden universities, Andy trained with senior psychotherapist Nicola Dunn BCA UKCP and distinguished philosopher Robert Rowland Smith MA DPhil (Oxon) at the Constellations Academy in London.

Fee: £50 (90 mins)

To book an appointment for Constellations Therapy contact us via email, or phone 01463 250589