Counselling & Psychotherapy

Nourish offers Counselling and Psychotherapy in Inverness, Scotland

Heather Dance

BABCP Accredited Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapy

Nourish offers Counselling & Psychotherapy in Inverness, Scotland

CBT is a psychological approach "talking therapy".  It has been widely researched and this research has shown that CBT can help with a range of emotional problems.

CBT is based on the idea that many problems involving emotional distress are caused and maintained by the way we interpret everyday situations.  CBT shows us the links between thoughts, feelings and our behaviour.  The aim of CBT is to allow people to identify where they may have become "stuck" in their way of thinking and to give them the freedom to choose more helpful ways of looking at situations.

What can I expect from treatment?

In sessions we work as partners to reach an understanding of your problems.  We will try to identify the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, physical symptoms, situational factors and behaviour.  Together we will discuss the ways you would like to change and what you would like to achieve, and we will work out small steps to help you get there.  Between sessions you will usually be gathering information or trying out new skills and we will review how that has been at the start of the next session.

Whilst past experiences and events are taken into account the focus of treatment is usually on difficulties experienced in the "here and now".

Treatment may focus on learning to challenge thoughts or beliefs that are no longer helpful to you.  Alternatively we may look at practical ways of helping you to deal differently with day to day situations and to develop new coping skills.  We will explore a range of solutions to find those that will work for you.

How often will I be seen?

Most people need somewhere between 6 and 10 sessions.  These are usually weekly / fortnightly but may be spaced further apart towards the end of therapy.

Fee: £55 (60 minutes)

About Heather Dance

Heather has lived and worked as a therapist in Highland for over 25 years.  Her professional background is in Mental Health Nursing and she also has a B.Sc degree in Social Sciences.  In 1997 she was awarded the post graduate Diploma in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy from University of Dundee.

She is recognised as an Accredited Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapist by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.  Her professional expertise alongside her life experiences as a mother and grandmother have combined to provide her with a compassionate and pragmatic approach.

Bo Gort (MA/MBACP)

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Really looking at your life and the situation you are in, takes courage.  Therapy can help you to transform your suffering into an opportunity for personal growth and life expansion.

Having someone who listens deeply to you, without judgement, can help you gain clarity and a new perspective on your situation.  Through the therapeutic process you will find a new level of understanding and compassion for yourself and the factors that are at play in your life.

Fee: £40 (60mins)

Karen Young (Dip HE)

Person Centred Counselling

Person centred counselling is a non-directive, empathetic approach which empowers and eases you through the therapeutic process. Based on the belief that every human strives for and has the capacity to fulfil their own potential.

By offering a safe, comforting and confidential environment Karen can help you explore and understand experiences that have impacted on how you feel and act.

Karen has over thirty years’ experience working with children and families both here in Inverness and worldwide. Supporting those who have experienced trauma, distress, loss, addictions and many other challenges.

Karen is qualified to work with children, young people and adults and a member of the PVG Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Scheme, and is a COSCA Registered Therapist.

Fee: £50 (60 mins)

Introductory Session: £20


Hazel Williams