Nourish offers Homeopathy in Inverness, Scotland

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic and permanent system of healing medicine. Homeopathy boosts the internal healing mechanism to ‘reboot’ the system, stimulating internal healing which leads to ultimate health.

You are seen as a whole person, a mental, emotional and physical being, so the initial consultation lasts up to 1½ hours. The remedies used are minute doses of natural substances that have been thoroughly tested on willing volunteers.

Homeopathy works speedily for children in acute situations, as well as addressing more chronic, long-term conditions in adults. The end result for both is a stronger immune system and greater balance in health.


Nourish has two Homeopaths:

Nourish offers Homeopathy in Inverness, Scotland
Amanda Brown BSc Hom (hons) LCHE MARH

About Amanda Brown:

Amanda practised Homeopathy in London for several years prior to moving to Scotland in 2011.  She integrates Naturopathic advice into her Homeopathic practice, and regularly uses flower essences and herbs to enhance homeopathic treatment. She has run several workshops on Homeopathy for Babies and Children, and First Aid Homeopathy.

Nourish offers Homeopathy in Inverness, Scotland
Andy Rockall BSc Hom (hons) LCHE CThA

About Andy Rockall:

Andy’s passion for homeopathy was ignited nearly 20 years ago, and in recent years he has worked as a Homeopath in Inverness and Aviemore.  He is regularly consulted on a wide range of conditions, and he has given many talks on Homeopathy.  His love of the great outdoors has allowed him to work with sports injuries on a regular basis.


Initial Consultation:  £70 (90 mins)

Follow-up appointments:  £50 (60 mins)

Children under 14 yrs:  Initial Consultation £45 (45 mins) / Follow-up £35

Mother & Infant (under 6 months): Initial Consultation £80 / Follow-up £50

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