Intuitive Energy Healing

Nourish offer Intuitive Energy Healing in Inverness, Scotland
What to expect from a intuitive energy healing session:


•Assessing the chakras to see whic chakras are open or closed. 

•Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to see how much the chakras are opened or closed.

•Clearing statements along with kinesiology to clear negative energy.

•Guided meditation to unblock the chakras and induce a state of deep relaxation. 

Will I feel anything during the healing session? 

Many clients report feeling heat, coolness, tingling, and after the session a feeling of peace and energised well being.

What to wear: 

Anything that is comfortable. You will be asked to remove your shoes.

What to bring:

Just yourself & a open mind.

Jackie Mclaughlin Energy Healing About Jackie Mclaughlin:

Jackie is an Intuitive Energy Practioner who uses her wisdom & knowledge developed over many years of personal transformation...... along with extensive training in transformational coaching, energy healing, hypnotherapy, NLP & yoga/meditation.
She enable people to realise their dreams, removing years of accumulated baggage, limiting beliefs
& old energy.  Sessions with Jackie act as a catalyst of change and transformation.....


Intuitive Energy Healing:  £60 (90 mins)

Life Coaching:   £45 (60 mins)

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