Mickel Therapy

Nourish offers Mickel Therapy in Inverness, Scotland

What Is Mickel Therapy?

Mickel Therapy treats a wide range of ‘Energy Disorders’ including ME, CFS, Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, IBS and Headaches.

This treatment was developed in 1999 by a medical doctor in Elgin and seeks to address problems with the Hypothalamus gland in the brain.  This gland which normally regulates everything in the body becomes overactive creating a wide range of symptoms. In order to address this Mickel Therapy seeks to draw a distinction between the thinking brain and the emotional brain centres or ‘body’ which generates emotions independently of thought. The therapy teaches clients to translate their symptoms back into emotions and take corrective action so the symptoms no long need to occur. Mickel Therapy does not seek to change our thinking and is not a form of psychotherapy!

Leisa Zakeri - Advanced Mickel Therapy Practitioner & Supervisor

About Leisa Zakeri:

After completing a BA Hons in Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Psychology, Leisa went on to build a career in London in the supported employment field working in the public, private and charity sector and has gained a wealth of experience in working with the long term unemployed, specialising in both brain injury and mental health.

Leisa is registered with the British Psychological Society as a Practitioner in Training with the aim of becoming a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

While working in London Leisa started to experience symptoms of CFS/ME which became so severe she had to move home to Scotland and stop working for a prolonged period of time.  Leisa tried many therapies before coming across Mickel Therapy, was treated by Dr Mickel, fully recovered and then decided to train as a practitioner to help others do the same.  Due to the personal experience of the illness coupled with her professional background, Leisa feels she has a lot to offer clients and is very gentle and empathetic in her approach.

For more information and to arrange a free 20 minute phone consultation with Leisa, please email us or phone Nourish on 01463 250 589.