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What is Holistic Physiotherapy?

During the detailed assessment practitioners usually try to get a clearer picture of the problem-causing factor by looking at the person as a whole, not just the ‘problem area’. This is usually done through questions and detailed examination, including specific tests.
The most effective treatment modality is chosen and explained to the patient and can include massage, heat or ice, active movement or certain mobilising or manipulative techniques.  Appropriate exercises are usually given as well, because teaching the patients what they can do to help themselves is as important in physiotherapy as manual therapy.

Physiotherapy can help with:-

*  Neck, back and joint pains

*  Weakness and joint stiffness

*  Tender areas in muscles

*  Dizziness and Balance problems

*  Stress-related problems

Treatments available:-

*  Joint mobilisations

*  Spinal mobilisations

*  Acupressure

*  Acupuncture/Acudetox

*  Total bowel management

*  Deep-tissue massage

*  Vestibular rehabilitation

John Paul - Chartered Physiotherapist
John Paul - Chartered Physiotherapist

About John Paul:

John Paul is a state-registered chartered physiotherapist available for consultation and treatment of various neuro-muscolosketal conditions and stress management.

John trained in India over 10 years ago and has worked in several clinical settings before arriving in the UK in 2005.

His diverse experience of working in India and in the UK has enhanced his holistic skills within his practice.


£45 (1 hour)

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