Nourish offer Relexology in Inverness, Scotland

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy, developed from the ancient belief that there are reflex points on the feet which correspond to every part of the body, connected by energy pathways. When pressure is applied to these areas and points it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels, and helps to restore homeostasis (balance) in the whole body. It is deeply relaxing, relieves tension, aids sleep and improves your overall sense of wellbeing.

Reflexologists believe that sensitivity in any of the reflex points on the feet is a reflection of an energy imbalance in the corresponding part of the body. By working gently on these reflex points we aim to restore balance to the body and trigger the healing potential within you.

Reflexology works with you as a whole person, rather than with symptoms alone. It may help bring relief from a wide range of ailments, but whatever your condition, the aim is to encourage your body's own natural ability to heal itself.

Reflexology is suitable for people of all ages. It is safe during pregnancy and many women find it helpful at this time.  Reflexology can benefit a variety of health concerns and also works well as a complement to other modalities and treatments.


What happens during a treatment?

Each session lasts one hour. At the first visit you will be asked about your health history, and what you hope to gain from having Reflexology, so that the session can be tailored for your personal needs. Then you remove your shoes and socks and lie comfortably on a therapy couch, while the soles, tops and sides of your feet are worked. Some people may feel occasional tenderness in some areas, but overall it is a deeply relaxing experience.

 A single session is likely to be very beneficial for you, but the effects of Reflexology build up cumulatively and the best results come from having a few sessions at regular intervals.  And you don't have to be unwell to benefit from having a session, as it is also very enjoyable.


Nourish has 3 Reflexologists:

Nourish offers Massage in Inverness, Scotland
Sarah Mackay - Dip CM

About Sarah Mackay:

Sarah gained her Higher National Diploma in complementary therapies at Moray College; she has been practicing at Nourish (formerly The Riverdale Centre) since 2011.   She is a registered member of the complementary therapists association.  As well as Reflexology, Sarah practises massage including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Sports and Remedial Massage.

Sarah is available for weekday evening appointments and at other times by arrangement.

Kate Paterson Reflexology

About Kate Paterson:

Kate trained at Moray College where she gained a Higher National Diploma in Complementary Therapies in May 2015.  She is trained in Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage, Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Seated Acupressure Massage (Onsite Massage.) Kate is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association and fully insured.

Kate is available most weekdays, including Saturdays.

Maternity Reflexology Inverness

About Shenagh Leiper (Maternity Reflexology) :

Shenagh specialises in Maternity Reflexology and Reflexology for Infertility, which along with her knowledge and experience as a midwife benefits clients.

Shenagh holds a certificate in competency in Maternity reflexology from Susanne Enzer, and in her time as a practising midwife, Shenagh used reflexology both ante-natally, during labour and post-natally.  

Shenagh is also a qualified Reiki Master, Bach Flower Essence practitioner and Infant Massage instructor.




Reflexology £35   (1 hour)

Consultations with Shenagh Leiper  £40 (1 hour)



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