Vibrational Medicine

Nourish offer Vibrational Medicine in Inverness, Scotland

What is Vibrational Medicine?

Vibrational Medicine treats the body and its complex connections through a dowsing method developed by jack Temple. His work can be studied through his books -" The Healer" and "Medicine Man".
This medicine dowses the body and its complex connections to find and treat cause of problems.
A typical treatment lasts for 1 hour. The client gives a brief resume of their health and medical history. The practitioner will prioritise a symptom to treat through dowsing methodology. The dowsing then specifies the exact cause of the symptom which can be genetic. A remedy, which is made up from various natural sources is formulated and applied to very specific points on the body as indicated through dowsing.

Vibrational Medicine is energy medicine. It treats the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies that make us human.
All symptoms are causes by an energetic imbalance. Vibrational Medicine balances this energy using various remedies.  It is completely safe and has no contraindications.

Gillian Mackay - Vibrational Medicine

Gillian Mackay - Vibrational Medicine

About Gillian Mackay:

Gillian belongs to the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine based in Nairn.



£40 (1 hour)


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