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About Fiona Salmond-Smith

Fiona's yoga journey began well over a decade ago.  Discovering yoga became a pivotal turning point in her life and the transformation which ensued.  Although Fiona continued to practice she wished to delve deeper so became a yoga teacher.  Consequently teaching at an established holistic studio in York for a number of years, she is also qualified to teach pregnancy yoga.  Fiona has continued her exploration of different styles of yoga, broadening and developing her practice extensively whilst travelling and living overseas.  Her approach is to create an atmosphere where yoga is accessible and enjoyed by everyone!Fiona Salmond-Smith Yoga Teacher

1:1 yoga session:

Sivananda Yoga is one of the most ancient styles of hatha yoga and is a reviving form of exercise which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. It physically energises the body, builds strength, tones and improves overall flexibility whilst creating a calm and focused mind. The class begins with a sun salutation sequence, subsequent posters (asanas) are then introduced using the breath to unify body and mind. The class concludes with pranayama (breathing exercises, which have a multitude of benefits) and lastly with relaxation (savasana). 
The first session commences with a brief discussion about exactly what it is you wish to achieve from your time on the mat. Fiona is a knowledgeable and passionate teacher and encourages each student to explore and create a practice which is truly authentic to them. The sessions are suitable for all levels of ability, which also include pregnancy yoga.
Cancellation policy:
Please contact Fiona directly to cancel at least 24 hours prior to your session or a fee will be payable. 


£40 (90 minutes)

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