3 Week Course: Imagine That!


From rock gardens at our home, to Singapore’s sky gardens inside and around densely populated areas, there is a theme.

As humans, we desire relaxing spaces to allow our innate need for nature and natural elements to help us thrive.

We can easily develop these spaces in our own back gardens, to allow us at home to value the growing orderly, and sometimes randomly placed plants and shrubbery within easy sight.  In the case of huge modern living cities, artists and visionaries create a shared green space for peace and relaxation.

It all starts with imagination.

Imagine That Creativity Course

In the 3 week course I offer this spring, I want to emphasise imagination in its various forms; curiosity, problem solving, expanding our thought process and more. It’s clear that there is nothing that can’t be achieved using imagination and brain power.  We can, and do bring about what we think about, or dream up.


Would you like to explore your own imagination and what you can achieve if you understand the value of self-talk, conquering your self-limiting beliefs, giving your ideas wings and letting wonderment into your daily life? As a hypnotherapist, the very core of my therapy is utilising imagination.


Each week for an hour and a half, we will tune in to inspiration and our approach to our own thoughts and imaginings. You may have ideas already that you haven’t wanted to speak about nor felt confident enough to share.  But as we will all be in a state of curiosity in this course, it’s safe to say that once unleashed, our talent for exploring our imagination will be boundless.


And if you believe you are not very good at using imagination, or being creative in any way, then this course is also for you, because if you can try not to think about a tree growing in your living room, but find that you must think about one so you can not think about it, then you have the ability to use your imagination.


Please contact me directly for a place on the course, or leave your name and number with the staff at Nourish and I will contact you.

Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 7.30pm at Nourish (10th, 17th, 24th May)

Course cost: £45 payable in advance or on the first evening.

As the course requires at least 6 people attending (up to 10) for it to be beneficial, please contact me and put your name down in advance.  If the course cannot run for any reason, I will be in touch. 

Alexandra Addams MCAHyp DABCH, AMIoC


About Alexandra:

Nourish offers Hypnotherapy in Inverness, Scotland

Alex Addams - Hypnotherapist

Alexandra (Alex) trained at the Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy in Southport in 2005 and completed an advanced level qualification in Hypnotherapy and Hypno-healing.  She studied for 2 years to achieve master level with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for which she offers personal development sessions both one-to-one and groups, and went on to study stress management and CBT.

Alex works with individuals to promote the benefits they are seeking, and create a better understanding for them on how the mind works to bring out the best self.  She has also tutored groups in stress management and confidence building using self-hypnosis as a powerful tool and some useful and dynamic exercises for her clients to take away and continue their awareness in their own time.  Personal development is a passion of Alex's and her life course is testament to massive improvement using the tools she gained in her studies.