Supper Club

We're pleased to announce the start of a new joint venture this summer, with the arrival of the Inverness Supper Club - prepared with Capability Browns and hosted by Nourish.

Held on the last Friday of the month, from May-September, each Supper Club will create for you a delicious 3 course vegan menu, based around a different theme each night.  

Supper Clubs are not just an opportunity to savour delicious food, but they are also an occasion to chat with fellow diners in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Indeed, you may even find yourself sharing a table, as the dining area is quite small!


Friday 26th May (7:30pm)

Late Spring Foraging - a Taste on the Wild Side!

Menu Supper Club Foraging

Nettle soup, served with Black Isle beer and Hawthorn leaf sodabread with a  wild garlic and hazelnut pesto on the side

Pearl barley risotto with Gin spiced butternut squash and garnished with rocket and gorse flowers and drizzled with sweet fig vinegar

Warm chocolate fudge brownie served with whisky and orange cream and pecan brittle

Tea or Coffee with sweet cicely fudge


Friday 30th June (6pm & 8:30pm)

Taking a Trip to Mexico 

Menu Supper Club Mexico

Molletes (refried beans, cashew nut cheese and fresh tomato salsa) on toasted cumin and chiplote bread

Mole of new potatoes, beetroot and peanuts), served with totopos (tortilla chips) and green rice salad

Tequilla slammer cheesecake

Tea or Coffee with coconut, lime and mint fudge


Friday 28th July (6pm & 8:30pm)

Lebanese Cuisine

Menu Supper Club Lebanese

Mezze of starters to share (Hummus with beets, Baba Ganoush, and Tabouleh) all served with pitta wedges

Swiss Chard stuffed with rice and peas, served with roast carrots with lemon, garlic and sesame, and a slice of Maneesh bread

Almond rice pudding with raspberries, rose and pistachios

Tea or Coffee with Turkish Delight


Friday 25th August (6pm & 8:30pm)

Gujarati Cuisine

Menu Supper Club Gujarati

Tomato, peanut and mint chutney, coconut chutney served with Ondhwo (savoury corn and carrot cake)

Ful Cobi (cauliflower, carrot and pea curry), Lentil and ginger daal, served with Turmeric and golden raisin rice

Carrot Halwa served with a cup of Masala Chai


Friday 29th September (6pm & 8:30pm)

A Taste of Italy

Menu Supper Club Italian

Minestrone soup with fresh basil pesto and beetroot and rosemary focaccia

Baked polenta chips with rich lentil ragu and seasonal salad

Hazelnut, frangelico and prune tart

Tea or Coffee with chocolate coated coffee beans